FCC Announces February 26, 2024 Deadline for Robocall Mitigation Plan Updates

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The FCC's Wireline Competition Bureau has announced a deadline of February 26, 2024 for all voice service, intermediate, and gateway providers to implement robocall mitigation compliance measures adopted last year in the FCC's Sixth Caller ID Authentication Report and Order.

In particular, all providers must file certifications and robocall mitigation plans in the FCC's Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD), and comply with expanded content requirements for these filings. The new robocall mitigation plan and certification requirements include a plan and/or certification that:

  • all calls originating on the provider's network are subject to a robocall mitigation program, and an explanation of the specific “reasonable steps” the provider has taken to avoid the origination, carrying, or processing of illegal robocall traffic;
  • no prior certification has been removed by Commission and the provider has not been prohibited from filing in the RMD;
  • the provider has either fully, partially, or not implemented STIR/SHAKEN on the IP portions of its network, and detailed information supporting any claimed STIR/SHAKEN implementation extension or exemption;
  • a description of the provider's compliance with its obligation to know its customers and its upstream providers;description of any call analytics systems the provider uses to identify and block illegal traffic, including whether it uses a third-party vendor(s) and the name of the vendor(s);
  • a statement of the provider's commitment to respond to all traceback requests from the Commission, law enforcement, and the industry traceback consortium within 24 hours and to cooperate with such entities to investigate and stop illegal robocallers from using its service to originate calls;
  • the role(s) the provider plays in the call chain; information regarding the provider's principals, affiliates, subsidiaries, and parent companies;
  • a statement whether the provider is subject to a Commission, law enforcement, or regulatory agency action or investigation due to suspected unlawful robocalling or spoofing and provide information concerning any such actions or investigations; and
  • the provider's Operating Company Number (OCN), if it has one.

Further, as of May 28, 2024, voice service providers and intermediate providers must refuse to carry traffic from any provider that is not listed in the RMD.

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