Compliance and Regulatory Planning

We offer assessments of regulatory risks and opportunities and counsel clients on a range of FCC and state regulatory compliance requirements and “best practices,” including:

  • Licensing and Registration requirements
  • Universal Service Fund obligations
  • Broadband subsidy milestone requirements
  • Broadband Data Collection filings
  • Tower/Antenna Structure obligations
  • Truth-in-Billing requirements
  • Open Internet and other customer-facing disclosure obligations
  • Robocalling and STIR/SHAKEN requirements
  • CALEA compliance and plan
  • CPNI compliance and plan
  • E911 Service obligations
  • Service Outage reporting requirements
  • Telemarketing solicitation obligations
  • Accessibility requirements
  • Local Number Portability obligations
  • Regulatory fees
  • Competition-related filings and disclosures
  • Other compliance reports and forms