Representative Matters

Represent a global cloud communications-platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) provider in the FCC's rulemaking proceeding exploring the use of text messages for illegal purposes and potential actions to deter such messages.

Represent a provider of telemedicine services that serves as a consortium leader for health care providers eligible to receive support under the FCC's Universal Service Healthcare Connect Fund program, in seeking clarification or waiver of applicable FCC rules.

Represent Wireless Internet Service Providers in obtaining federal and state broadband subsidies, including the FCC's CAF-II and RDOF programs, and maintaining compliance with subsidy requirements.

Represent Wireless Internet Service Providers in obtaining state and federal regulatory approvals.

Represent CLECs in negotiating and obtaining pole attachment rights.

Advise foreign equipment manufacturers on U.S. regulations governing the importation, marketing, and operation of RF equipment.

Represented Educational Broadband Service licensee in sale of license to T-Mobile.

Represented major cell tower owner in resolving dispute with local zoning authorities over proposed tower.

Represented spectrum license holders in negotiating de facto transfer and spectrum manager leases.

Represented licensee in merger of major Fixed Based Operators in the U.S.

Represent CLECs in obtaining certifications to operate within various states.

Represented CLEC in interconnection dispute with AT&T before the California Public Utilities Commission.

Represented successful consortium of small businesses in FCC auction of Priority Access Licenses in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service.

Represented successful bidder in FCC auction of overlay 2.5 GHz band licenses.

Represented Advanced Wireless Services licensee in sale of licenses to Cellco Partnership/Verizon Wireless.

Represented 600 MHz band licensee in sale of licenses to U.S. Cellular.

Represented Fortune 50 corporation in obtaining FCC wireless Experimental Authorizations and Special Temporary Authorizations.