Licensing and Access To Spectrum

We offer expertise on a broad range of matters involving the wireless industry, including:

  • FCC spectrum auctions
    • Development and implementation of bidding strategies
    • Guidance on anti-collusion rules
    • Auction-related filings, including Form 175 and Form 601
    • Bidding agreements
    • Small business, rural service provider, and tribal entity bidding discounts
  • Secondary market transactions
    • License transfers of control and assignments of license
    • Spectrum leasing, disaggregation, and partitioning
    • Joint ventures with and investments in spectrum licensees
  • Compliance with performance requirements and other license conditions
  • Preparing and prosecuting license renewal applications
  • Use of spectrum on an unlicensed and license-by-rule basis
  • FCC experimental authorizations and special temporary authorizations.

Further, we help clients deploy wireless networks through the cost-effective use of:

  • FCC wireless infrastructure siting and “shot clock” rules
  • FCC and state pole attachment rules
  • Federal preemption of state and local laws.